Friday, 19 August 2011

The Power of Blue

No colour evokes more ambiguous response than Blue. From sadness, skies to the hue of your favourite jeans, it has touched the imaginations of countless artists, designers and musicians.  In the world of ceramics, blue has been a prized possession throughout history, from 9th century blue and white china, 16th century Dutch delftware to 17th century French porcelain. Our appetite for all shades of blue has always been insatiable.

Flow Gallery's latest exhibition Blue (15th June-3rd September) showcases the work of ceramicists and textile artists, who interpret and incorporate the colour in unique ways, referencing the past and present. An innovative collective tribute, this is a must see exhibition that will leave you reconsidering the impact and meaning of blue. Here are a few to watch out for-

Amy Jayne Hughes
A recent RCA graduate these her plate series Noveau Bleu references the prestigious Sevres porcelain of the 17th and 18th century. A fresh dialogue between form and decoration is created, through fluid watercolour illustration and their imperfect, crisp edges.
Caroline Slotte
Caroline Slotte reworks existing ceramics into tangible memories of our personal, cultural, historical and ancestral pasts. This tiny fishing boat, isolated and centred in a large plate serves as a poignant and striking reminder.
Fuku Fukumoto
Fuku Fukumato's thrown concentric forms are a spontaneous reaction between herself and the medium during the making process. Pure, lively and expressive in colour, their smooth, glossy surface evokes images of Arctic seas and floating icebergs.
Henk Wolvers
Henk Wolvers is known for his perfect, paper thin porcelain vessels. precisely incised and marked with blue slip, he pushes the delicate qualities of porcelain to the limit.
Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson  decorates the humble paper cup with blue Wedgewood patterns, poking fun at our diposable consumer culture. Cup of tea anyone?

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