Monday, 3 October 2011

I Left My Heart at Origin Photo Gallery

Choosing the best makers at Origin is like choosing your favourite child. So I've created a photo gallery of Origin exhibitors that caught my eye for your eyes to feast on...enjoy!
Lisa Swerling

Alison Haddon

Pauline Edie

Piret-Eve Kändler

Alex McCarthy

Akiko Hirai
Eileen Gatt
Helen Noakes
Clare Knox Bentham

Polly Horwich

Charlotte Sale
Lucy Sylvester

Aneta Regel Deleu (Photography by Sylvain Deleu)


  1. thats so cool, I love the 3rd last one :)

  2. yeah same, the one by charlotte
    gus' mom would totally dig that

  3. thanks for the comments...Charlotte is a really talented glass blower and a lovely person too!
    Hi Vivian, how did you find my blog? I took a look at yours too, love the fashion and makeup stuff :-)


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