Thursday, 26 April 2012

East Meets West- Design Now! At Mokspace, 24th April- 3rd May

It’s a tad cheeky, but what better way to mark the resurrection of Christina’s Anatomy than a blog post on my latest exhibition!

East meets West- Design Now! runs from the 24th April to 3rd May, at Mokspace Gallery, opposite the British Museum (one of my favourite inspirational hangouts ) The new London gallery is uniquely dedicated to promoting emerging artists from the Asia Pacific- Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau. This is Mokspace’s first collaboration with ArtsThread, the leading global art and design talent network.
Christina Lai Seeds of Sanity, 2011

My Seeds of Sanity ceramics (see links below) will be featured alongside 19 talented Asia Pacific artists, all recent graduates. Expect a dynamic range of 2D and 3D works, from drawing and painting to ceramics, jewellery, furniture, and installation. The aesthetics and philosophy of nature, in its broadest sense is the coincidental theme that draws the work together in this modest but freshly modern space.  

From abstract animal shapes, sleek, minimalist contours, dreamy animal-human hybrids to peeling, and disintegrating surfaces of nature - this is a visual feast worth brazing the tube strikes for. Without giving too much away, the ones to look out for (and feel jealous for not thinking of it myself) are the bubble gum coloured, encrusted Tropical Sea Adventure rings by Wenhui Li, the seductively shiny snow-cap glazed melting pots by Koji Shiraya and a clever interactive jewellery installation by Yenz Lin- phew!

If you want to see why the Asia Pacific is a growing hotbed for innovative design talent, or simply to experience something new in London’s overcrowded gallery scene, this is for you.

To read an interview on my Seeds of Sanity Collection visit

33 Museum Street

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