Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Take 3 Shoreditch ingredients and a Sprinkle of Rain

La Maison (Image: touchlocal.com)

Bag by Toby Leigh, Maiden Shop

Bespoke Baroque Mirror by Squint Limited

Oh, fickle British weather. Last week she was in her usual sporadically rainy mood. Come weekend and we get barbecue hot temperatures. On Wednesday I happened to be hanging out in Shoreditch for an interview, with the intention of getting home asap; the skies threatening to dampen my enthusiasm. I'm glad I didn't though, and unwittingly stumbled across East London's worst kept shopping secret (all within a  mile's walking distance of Shoreditch tube station). Drawn like moth to a flame, these 3 stores gave me something to smile about, despite the weather.

La Maison
107-108 Shoreditch High Street  Shadwell, London E1 6JN

Walking into a shop first without realising is surely a good sign. Rococo, Neo-Classical junkies will be spoilt for choice. From ornate wardrobes, antique headboards to outdoor statues , every piece looks like it belonged to an 18th Century palace in France, lovingly sourced over the Channel. You'll find one-of-a-kind items to give your home that je nois se quai (and become the envy of future visitors)

188 Shoreditch High Street  City of London, Greater London E1 6HU

This teensy gift is jam-packed with guilty pleasures of quintessential British humour. It's tongue-in-cheekness 
is perfectly combined with nolstalgic comforts, such as my 90s childhood favourite storybook Each Peach Pear Plum. Stocked with very funny, unusual and well made gifts- there's no excuse for buying dull presents anymore. I've got my eye on the Ryan Gosling clouring book, purely for research purposes (obviously).

Squint Limited
178 Shoreditch High Street  Shadwell, London E1 6HU

Despite its name, it's the last thing you'll need to do to spot this gem. If the Mad Hatter opened an interiors shop in Wonderland, it would probably look like Squint. Selling crazy-colourful patchwork covered furniture and lighting, this isn't one for minimalists. It's haute-couture for home, each item hand-stitched to order. You'll want to stroke everything in the showroom while no-one's looking, especially the sumptiously flocked stag lamps

Do you know any other curiousities in East London? Drop me a line!

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