Monday, 4 February 2013

Freshly Brewed Hong Kong Blogs pt 2 - Ztylistas and TOUGHLOVE

In the second part of  Freshly Brewed Hong Kong bloggers special, discover Ztylistas and TOUGHLOVE.

The Chinese Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Topshop Unique oversized vest , Cheap Monday jersey pullover
Topshop Unique creeper boots

1990s flashbacks in that funny heet stuff you get in craft shops! Yes really!
 Cheap Monday cropped turtleneck top, Yasmin Kianfar lasercut neoprene skirt

Watch your back - Lanvin en bleu tweed tee, on the streets of
Shibuya, Japan

Getting some Vit D in H&M denim blazer and Karen Walker sunnies

Perfecting the Emily the Strange deathstare. Opening Ceremony knitted contrast sleeves dress c/o Shopbop , vintage YSL denim jacket , Givenchy Obsedia bag , Topshop Unique creeper boots

The most high-fashion stylistically out of the Brew & Post gang, Ztylistas is the lovechild of CSM friends Melinda Wang, who models and Derek Ho, who photographs. No two snaps are the same, mesmerising in its own chemistry, character and narrative. I hate falling into the cliché of making comparisons to titles that frankly don’t need further publicity, but the photos could easily been torn Nylon pages.  Expect dynamic poses that experiment every work awkward body angles and plenty of hair swishes. Treat your eyes with this designer x street paradise shot in derelict spaces and overgrown yards. 

Ztylistas don’t churn out content on a thrice-daily basis.  But when they do, boy it’s worth the wait. 

You've got to respect a guy who risks stealing the bride's limelight wearing a purple/pink print tie to a wedding. Valentino Suit, Club Monaco Dress Shirt, General Knot & Co Floral Print Tie, Raf Simons Chain Derby Shoes

Club Monaco Men’s Pop-up Shop in Wan Chai HK. are London stockists of the brand. 

Nike Flyknits, Carl the Camel in a bright floral number

Here's a dilemma for you.  Converse sneakers or greasy burgers? (Orange wheat print plastic cups - very working class HK)

Made in U.S.A. Shirt HKD 1390, Persol Vintage Sunglasses HKD4550, Vintage Omega HKD45,000. Sumo the dog (POA, kidding, not for sale)

“A New York/Hong Kong creative trying to find out what kind of man he’s inspired to be and how handsome he can look while doing it." 

You’d be forgiven assuming he’s a poser, but he’s actually a softie who is very, very funny. Not to mention the epitome of that new breed of sophisticated Asian metrosexual girlfriends, be very afraid mixing cool, emerging urban labels no-one’s ever heard of with classics like Club Monaco. He has a unique, confident style that compliments deadpan faces and flora/fauna tattooed arms. I liked the fact detail shots of clothes are clean and simple. Men will appreciate honest fashion advice, like his preferred method of dealing with pushy tailors

The best photo stories chronicle exotic travels, like riding Carl the Camel on the Great Wall, or exquisite ‘Yum Cha’ dim sum sessions accompanied by Chinese art Sir David Tang’s (of Shanghai Tang) members-only China Club (中國會).  

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