Sunday, 4 September 2011

Stephen Fry's 100 Greatest Gadgets Needs a Reality Check

I have a confession to make. I have never, ever watched a Stephen Fry programme before, nor do I know or care about the controversy that surrounds his every remark. That is, until I watched his 3 hour long 100 Greatest Gadgets show on Channel 4 last week. To be fair, he did state in the beginning that his list was completely subjective and apparently self indulgent. But after some bizarre inclusions that clearly proved his somewhat deluded idea of 'useful gadgets' that enhance the life of everyday public, I felt it was my obligation to point out the silly items that definitely shouldn't have made it on the list.

Top 10 Stephen Fry's Totally Useless Gadgets
1.Corby Trouser Press-so bulky that it needs its own bus pass, it's no wonder they don't exist anymore
2. Sodastream Machine- Fun for making cheap bubbly? Yes. Revolutionary and indispensable? I think not.

3. Mousetrap- I'm no animal lover, but even I'm not that sick

4. Baby Buggies- Two Words: Pure Annoyance

5. Teasmade- Whoever thought of the bright idea of being woken up in the middle of the night by a spitting, boiling kettle combined with a piercing alarm clock deserves a slap in the face

6. Night Vision goggles- Why would the average population need a pair of those? Not unless you're a peeping Tom or fighting in Afghanistan.

7. Metal detector- No offence to any archaeologists

8. Bullworker- Although he obviously could use one. 
9. Alarm Clock- Most of us just hit the snooze button anyway
10. Applepeeler- You don't need a fancy contraption that takes longer to set up than picking up a kitchen knife.

Apparently Stephen Fry lives on another planet. However he did pay deserving tributes to pioneering gadgets like the ZX Spectrum (an 80s early computer model), VCR,Walkman, record and CD player, pager and fax machine (good riddance). You can't help but feel nostalgic (and old for anyone born after 1990), watching this blast from the past. These gadgets have truly changed and transformed our lives

I predict quite a few of the novelty gadgets will become bestsellers again, just from Fry's endorsement. Such is the influence of celebrities these days. I must brace myself for the shitstorm ahead from Fry's twitter fans.

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