Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Best (US) TV of Fall

I'm always on the lookout for the next telly obsession, admittedly already lamenting the finish of True Blood season 4. (What do you mean, I have to wait til June 2012!)

It's mid September which can only mean one thing on my calendar- brand new Fall seasons of US Fall TV. For those of us in the UK who resent having to wait for ages before they air locally (by which time they'll have concluded in America.- not everyone can afford premium TV channels you know), here's a roundup of what to expect in the coming months from my favorite shows.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17: All Stars
14th September on CW

Despite its predictable formula of high pitched screams, makeover tears, backstabbing and catfights, ANTM  is one guilty pleasure I never get bored of. This season's lineup sees the unprecedented return of past contestants that didn't make it to the top. From the memorable (note- battle of the bitches between Camille, Lisa, Dominique, Angelea and Alexandria) to the not so memorable (Sheena who?), the cycle promises to deliver more model drama than ever. My only doubt is whether they're be too old to break into the modelling industry by now. If Tyra Banks is trying to tackle the blatant ageism in the industry, surely that can only be a good thing.

Ones to watch- huge eyed Allison (cycle 12 runner up) and Kayla (cycle 15)

Survivor Season 23: South Pacific
14th September on CBS

The original American reality TV show is back for it's (can you believe it?) 23rd season. Filmed in Samoa (CBS must be running out of exotic locations by now), Redemption Island is back with 16 brand new castaways and 2 returning players Ozzy and Coach (a.k.a the Dragon Slayer). Let's see if the new season packs the same fresh punch as cycle 22, no doubt with unexpected twists thrown in the game. It's the exciting combination of sport, strategy and survival which makes Survivor addictive viewing.

Greys Anatomy Season 8
22nd September on ABC

Grey's Anatomy is the only medical drama I can bear watching, as it's based on an intelligent, independent woman's (Dr Meredith Grey) point of view. Although all the drama occurs inside the hospital, it's the intense emotions and realistic relationships between characters that make the show, rather than mind-boggling technical jargon and shocking medical cases.

Season 6 kicks off to a depressing atmosphere throughout. After being exposed for altering Derek's Alzheimer's trial, Meredith must deal with the repercussions to both her career and relationship with Derek. Tough, especially when you're new parent to an adopted baby. Cristina and Owen have yet to agree upon their feelings towards her unplanned pregnancy- leading to Cristina making a huge decision. April steps up to the plate as chief resident and Alex is still a Persona non grata for ratting out Meredith.

Desperate Housewives Season 8 (Final Season!)
25th September on ABC

Desperate Housewives has gotten cheesy in recent years. Yet like Kinder Bueno it's naughty but awfully nice, great for laughs when you're too tired to use excessive brain cells to figure out what's happening.
The glamorous ladies of Wisteria Lane will grace our screens for its final season this September. In the season 7 finale we ached at golden couple Tom and Lynette's marriage falling apart, Carlos shooting dead Gaby's abuser stepdad and the secret pact between all the ladies to cover up.

ABC has been really hush on details, but I do have a few inside scoops. We can expect more dark Young family secrets to be revealed. A new sexy male neighbour moves to the Lane and one of the housewives' husbands becomes alcoholic.

I'm dying to know who will crack the sacred pact first and whether sexy Detective Chuck Davis will finally be the one for Bree. After 8 seasons of hilarious comedy moments, countless secrets, murders and affairs, loyal viewers will be expecting a fitting finale to wrap up the futures of the well loved characters.

Gossip Girl Season 5
26th September on CW

You don't need to have read the books or be a teenager to love Gossip Girl. I for one am shamelessly addicted to its scandalous story lines (blackmail, infidelity, you name it), ridiculously attractive cast (including the parents) and the most to-die-for wardrobe since Sex and the City. In last season's cliffhanger, a positive pregnancy test was thrown into Blair's trashcan. Could Blair be a pregnant bride at her Royal Wedding? More importantly, is Louis or Chuck the father? As impostor Ivy returns as Serena's cousin Charlie, what havoc will she cause upon the Van der Woodsens? Will the Nate Dan and Serena triangle ever end, or will there be more hot love interests? Elizabeth Hurley will be joining the cast this season- can't wait!

Dexter Season 6
2nd October on Showtime

OK, the new season of Dexter doesn't come out till October but I don't care. America's move loved vigilante serial killer is back again to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Intriguingly, the new season's theme revolves around faith and religion, as Dexter wonders whether to instill this upon his son Harrison rather than his own 'Dark Passenger'. His new nemesis takes form in a religious zealot responsible for a series of grisly murders that appear to be religious killings. The prime suspects (fantastic new cast members) are seriously creepy religious history scholar Professor Gellar (Edward James Olmos), his student Travis Marshall (played by Tom Hank's eldest son Colin Hanks) and ex-con urned religious extremist Brother Sam (played by rapper Mos Def). Once again Dexter's Dark Passenger is drawn into the dangerous pursuit of hunting down the killer, which could have catastrophic consequences for his family...

Well readers, that's my pick of the creme-de

What you'll be watching this fall? Be sure to comment and let me know!

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